Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken the time to create some useful guides for using the website, please feel free to download a copy and review at your leisure.

Q. How do I register My Business?
You can register your business via the "Registration" page.

Q. How does the council benefit from offering a free service like this?
Oadby & Wigston Borough Council are dedicated to offering the best business support to local companies. These companies provide local employment and therefore benefit local communities.

The business website offers company direct advice for new and existing businesses and is directly supported by the Economic Development team at the council offices.

The site provides signposting and information on all aspects of business, gives details of networking groups, business events and training opportunities. Entry in the business directory is free to any company in Oadby & Wigston and companies can edit their own content (pictures, text, web links). It therefore provides a particular advantage for small companies who do not have the resources to develop their own web site yet.

Q. Is the Directory entry really free?
The entry really is free. Many Councils have paper business directories published but these are very costly and are out-of-date as soon as they are published. It is actually cheaper to provide free web space for local companies than to produce paper directories. This means that we do not have to replace the paper directory every few years - it is constantly being updated. If companies offer new products or services, they can update their entry immediately. Furthermore the web directory is searchable.

Q. Is there any funding to help me start my business in Oadby & Wigston?
Unfortunately, Oadby & Wigston Borough Council does not have the funding that is available in some inner city areas to help people to start their own businesses.

It does have free training sessions, firstly to help you decide whether running a business is for you and then to help to plan it. Details of these courses are found in the "Starting a Business" section.

Q. Are there any conditions when registering with the directory?
The only conditions attached to your business entry are:-

  1. That you provide a named contact and telephone number should we need to contact you. This name will not appear on the web site
  2. That you do not make any derogatory remarks about other companies or claims that cannot be substantiated. We reserve the right to remove any content that may offend these conditions
  3. Your company must have premises / employ people in Oadby & Wigston (although it may have a head office elsewhere)

The Borough Council cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of any statements made in company directory entries. Neither does an entry in the Directory mean that it in any way endorses the products or services of that company.