Leicestershire Rural Partnership


The Leicestershire Rural Partnership (LRP) was established in 1993 to enable partners to work more effectively together to deliver improved services to rural areas.

The LRP is an established, respected and successful way for people to come together to appreciate the benefits of joint working within rural Leicestershire and beyond.

A range of public, private and voluntary organisations now share knowledge, experience and resources and as a result local people, voluntary organisations and rural businesses in Leicestershire are benefiting from a co-ordinated, efficient and improved way of working.

The LRP adds value at both strategic and operational levels, complementing and adding value to other partnerships and agencies, championing and mainstreaming rural issues, rural proofing and lobbying at local, national and EU levels along with sharing knowledge and expertise.

The high profile of the Partnership makes it ideally placed to act as a mechanism for consultaion and co-ordination, responding to policy developments and providing leverage for mainstream and external funds.