Support for SME for staff training

Tue 25th July, 2017 by Leicestershire County Council

Open Doors Skills Metro

We know that as an employer, your most valuable asset is your people. We also know that keeping your employees motivated, making them feel valued and equipping them with the right skills can be difficult and expensive. Discovering new options open to you to upskill your workforce, ensuring that they are able to broaden their contribution to your business, is key. Our short courses are designed to complement the skills of your existing workforce. The service links training organisations with local businesses, allowing you to provide your teams with the skills and competencies needed to suit your business strategy and the local skills priorities. The training is fully funded, meaning that you and your employees benefit from the service at no cost and the range of courses is varied including:

Health and Safety



Customer Service

Information Technology

Sales and Administration

Leadership and Management

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