East Midlands Future of Manufacturing Breakfast 2017

Fri 23rd June, 2017 by Leicestershire County Council

Manufacturing’s ongoing quest to be leaner, meaner and cleaner will take a giant leap forward over the next decade. So what will industry look like in 2027 and how can businesses take full advantage?

Insider’s Future of East Midlands Manufacturing Breakfast will provide the answers by painting a picture of the factory of the future. It will set out how new technology, skills and advances in logistics will consolidate the East Midlands’ position as a global manufacturing centre.

Issues to be tackled at this event include:

  • The role of digital in the factory of the future
  • The importance of mass customisation
  • How 3D manufacturing will be used
  • The new skills needed both on and off the shopfloor
  • How advances in logistics will boost efficiency
  • Who the Midlands will be exporting to in 2027

Our free-to-attend forum will also look at the impact of the growing trend for mass customisation and the new markets manufacturers will be selling into in 2027.

Our events are regularly over-subscribed therefore please register your interest as soon as possible. If you have been successful you will receive a confirmation email one week prior to the event.

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