National Living Wage Briefing - Leicestershire

Tue 12th April, 2016 by East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

14th April: National Living Wage Briefing - Leicestershire

What impact will the introduction of the new requirements have on your business?

Not to be confused with the National Minimum Wage, the National Living Wage (NLW) will boost the income of many employees aged 25+.

However, it will bring the wages of many unskilled and skilled staff closer together, unless employers take the step to raise the whole pay scale.

NLW came into force on 1 April, and businesses need to ensure they are paying employees correctly, currently set at £7.20 per hour with a target of more than £9 per hour by 2020.
Many companies are reporting they haven’t budgeted for the increase; or looked at the overall impact on their workforce.

  • How do you manage staff already on a similar rate - do you now have to pay them extra?
  • More NI contributions?
  • What are the penalties of not paying NLW?

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