Healthy Workplaces Programme

Tue 26th January, 2016 by Leicestershire County Council

Healthy Workplaces Programme: Fully Funded for Businesses: Limited Spaces Remaining!

Businesses that would like to increase productivity and boost their bottom line, by looking after the health and wellbeing of their employees, would benefit from a fully funded programme worth over £4000.

Over the past four years the programme, which is delivered by The Fit For Work Team and funded by Leicestershire County Council, has helped more than 80 local businesses enhance their business reputation, retain their most talented staff, and save up to £40,000.

Why get involved?

The programme is time efficient. A simple 3 step process makes it quick and easy for you to identify the health and wellbeing needs of your staff.

  • Improved brand- The caring employer, who demonstrates that they take employee well-being seriously, is most likely to attract good candidates, have fewer vacancies left unfilled for long periods and – if they can deliver on the promise – lose fewer staff to competitors
  • Improved retention- Median cost of filling a vacancy was £6000 for senior manager and £2000 for other employees. (CIPD 2014)
  • Improved resilience- 1 in 10 people have resigned from a job due to stress (MIND)
  • Bigger bottom line- Happy and engaged employees generate 43% more revenue (Hay Group)
  • Reduced sickness-The median cost of staff absence per employee is £605 per year (CIPD 2014)
  • Increased productivity- Healthy employees are 80% more productive (Robertson Cooper 2013)

If you would like to differentiate your business from your competitors and become a magnet employer contact Andrew Harris or call 07816681281. Funding for The Fit for Work Teams Healthy Workplaces Programme will end on March 31 2016.


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