Broadband connectivity vouchers

Mon 10th August, 2015 by Leicestershire County Council

Act now, don't wait - funding running out for county businesses to improve their broadband connectivity

BUSINESSES across Leicestershire are being urged to take the offer of help to get faster broadband as part of a voucher scheme across Leicester and Leicestershire.

All county businesses are now eligible to apply for the broadband connection voucher scheme which is already on offer in the city and parts of the county.

Gaining faster broadband connectivity can help businesses to save time, money, increase productivity and provide a greater service for their customer base.

Karl Nicolson, director of Spectrum Printing, in Hamilton, said: "Before we had superfast broadband we were managing on 2mbps download and 200kbps upload. These extremely slow speeds were stopping us from moving forward in a digital capacity.

"Having to make regular trips in vehicles was actually costing us time and money, taking and picking up proofs and digital artwork from customers when emailing them, was sometimes virtually impossible.

"Now we do not have that to do, the time and money saved will enable us to explore services previously not available to us, such as online webinar services, helping our sales team to present over the web rather than face to face, saving travel time and petrol costs."

Businesses can apply for up to £3k of grant funding for the increased infrastructure. However there is limited time to access this funding as 50 per cent of the funding pot has already been allocated and businesses are being urged to apply or miss the chance to secure finance to improve their business efficiency.

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