EDP Consulting Ltd


EDP Consulting Limited (formerly Environmental Design Partnership) have been providing integrated mechanical and electrical services designs for over 30 years and has been associated with a number of award winning projects.

EDP undertake a complete Mechanical and Electrical and Low Carbon Building Services Consultancy including the design, specification and project supervision of all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering services for all building types, feasibility studies, tender documentation, supervision and financial control in all sectors, for both new build and the refurbishment of existing buildings.   

Included in this is the design of naturally ventilated passively cooled buildings and the refurbishment of ‘listed’ and architecturally sensitive buildings.  We have carried out work on all building types including:

•           Domestic Housing

•           University Accommodation Blocks

•           University Buildings

•           Colleges

•           Religious Buildings

•           Offices

•           Shops

•           Schools

•           Healthcare

•           Innovation Centres

•           Theatres

 Our specific services include the design of: 

Acoustical Design and treatment

Air Compressors and Services

Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

Boiler Plants and Auxiliaries

Building Management Systems

Calorifier Plants

Central Vacuum-cleaning Systems

Communication Systems

Computer Systems and Cabling

Control Systems

Cooling-water Services


Distribution Mains for any Services

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Audits and Surveys

Fire Detection and Alarm Services

Fire Protection Services

Floodlighting Installations

Low Carbon Consultancy

Medical Gas and Vacuum Services

Natural Ventilation

Noise Investigations

Passive and Active Solar

Pneumatic-tube Conveying Systems

Public Address, Personnel-location and Call Services

Public Health and Plumbing Services.

Radio and TV Installations

Refrigeration Installations

Security System Installations

Steam and Condensate Return Services

Street Lighting


Telephone Equipment and Distribution Services

Thermal Insulation

Vibration Control

Water Treatment and Filtration

Industrial design, computer-aided design (CAD) services, Mechanical engineers, Electrical and electronic engineers