Ditch the Diet


Contact Name:
Nicola Rossell
Role / Job Title:
Ditch The Diet Coach
Oadby Trinity Methodist Church, Harborough Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4LA
Contact Email:
07983 551550
07983 551550


For years now you have dieted without progress, you have tried every diet out there with little success and are likely to be heavier and less confident than you were when you first started dieting.

Ditch the Diet offers you the opportunity to change this, to discover a new way, to no longer suffer the deprivation of eating regimes that will never last; it is time you rediscovered your sparkle.

With 'Ditch The Diet' You'll Learn:

  • Why the traditional diets are holding you back from succeeding and what you can do to change that so that you don't find yourself back here again in 6 months
  • The dangers of eating a low fat diet and how fat is essential to vibrant health.
  • How sugar free alternatives could actually be causing weight gain.
  • The impact of the media and how it is creating negative self image in females.
  • The real importance of food and how it affects more than just your waistline.
  • To transform the way you view food so that you can take the power back to stop food from controlling you.
  • How Ditch the Diet will help you become happier, healthier, and more confident than ever before.
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